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You expect an unmatched level of excellence in your driving experience. Why expect less when it comes to your maintenance experience? Our service experts at Auto West Group are trained to know exactly what your vehicle needs.

Whether it comes from our state-of-the-art equipment, our ultra-modern facilities, or our highly experienced and certified technicians who bring their unrivaled expertise in parts and maintenance to every task, we know you’ll receive the finest BMW and MINI service in Richmond at any one of our luxury dealerships.

But don’t confuse consistent quality with cloning. Each of our dealerships provides a unique flavour to their Parts & Service Departments that emphasizes the best of their brand. From executive limousine service, factory original parts & accessories, to yearly tire storage, find out more about the different service offerings available at our Auto West Group dealerships.


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Please use our online form to schedule your next service appointment. We are available to answer all your questions and welcome you as soon as possible.


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Auto West Group has one of the largest inventory of parts and accessories in Richmond. Whatever product you need, we have it!

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