About the Auto West Group

Auto West BMW dealership building

If you've seen a BMW, Infiniti, or MINI car on the streets of Richmond, the chances are almost definite that it was sold at one of our luxury dealerships. In fact, if you've seen any BMW driving past, we've played a greater role than you may know. Auto West came to be nearly 30 years ago back in 1986, when we became the first BMW importer in all of Western Canada. Since then, our business has gradually grown to include three of Canada's top retail dealerships: Auto West BMW, MINI Richmond, and Auto West Infiniti.

At the Auto West Group, we are exceptionally driven. But rather than rapid expansion, our mission is to build lifelong relationships between our customers and employees, while also tailoring dealership experiences to best embody the promises inherent in each vehicle brand. We do this not only for our customers, but for our team that now surpasses 180 members.

From award-winning facilities, service garages with state-of-the-art maintenance tools, and an uncompromising ethos that lays the foundation behind all that we do, we trust that you'll find no better place to build lifelong, mutually beneficial retail relationships than at any one of our dealerships. So visit Auto West, and experience the very best in automotive service and retailing.

Auto West Infiniti dealership building